Our service offerings cover all aspects of your interiors’ requirements and can be categorized as follows:

Interior Design

Our team of professionals excels in both the art and science of interior design. Our work is always a piece of art that is scientifically engineered to best shape your relationship with your interior space.

We create distinctive designs utilizing every feasible element of interiors enhancement for all types of commercial and residential space.

Interior Decoration

The best interior design can end up being a waste of time and resources if it is not complemented with the right decoration. Decoration gives life to your design, and in some cases, it kills it. Those small finishing details have more effect than most people do expect. Complete your interior project by choosing your decorator wisely, and we assure you that we are a wise choice.

Interior Design Management

We are a hands-on, roll-up-sleeves team of interior experts. Experience has taught us that if you design something, you are the best to implement it, as some small yet important details will always be missed in the communication between the designer and the implementer. However, we can come to rescue if you encounter a problem while implementing a design done by others, or if you have acquired a design by a provider that does not have the technical capabilities to implement. We are confident of our implementation capabilities, and always ready to deliver what is necessary for successful implementation.

Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE)

To complete an interior project, the last step required is to fix the place with the needed furniture, fixtures and equipment as per the design and decoration plans. In our efforts to be a one-stop-shop for all your interiors requirements, we can procure all (FFE) items of your choice. We will help you choose from a wide range of options, we will also provide advice and recommendations whenever needed.