Forty7 Interior Decoration (Forty7 ID) is a creative interior design and decoration boutique located in the Dubai Design District, UAE. A young and ambitious start-up that provides integrated, exclusively tailored services covering every aspect of the interiors domain, as well as setting a platform for young, up-and-coming designers to help them realize their most creative dreams.

Our philosophy revolves around “Bridging the gap between creativity and boundaries”. We constantly strive to provide flawless services that combine our passion for Interior Design with our vast expertise in Project Design Management and Consultancy.

Throughout all what we do, we focus our attention to the bond people form with their surroundings. Our designs always aim at integrating people with the place in the most inspiring yet seamless manner. This has proven to be vital for maximizing the positive effect a place has on people, whether it was comfort at home, productivity at work, learning in an educational institution, healing in a hospital or indulging luxury in a hotel.

As a start-up, we make sure we benefit from our compact size to the fullest. We believe SMEs have an edge over large organizations when it comes to listening to clients and understanding their needs. Our clients do not need to go through several layers of communication whenever they require our involvement, attention or input; they will be dealing with the same team throughout the entire project. Yet, we have an extensive network of affiliates and partners who are always ready to join in when needed. There is no project that is bigger than our capabilities.


While the projects we undertake can be quite sophisticated, our approach is always simple yet innovative; we believe every project is unique. Clients come from different cultures and backgrounds, having different tastes, standards and expectations. We listen to each client’s needs as if it were our first project, repetition is never in our thoughts; we simply do not comprehend it.

Innovation is in the heart of all our designs. We are young and innovative, and so are our designs. We follow the following innovative design approaches in our work whenever possible:


A full-scope interior project will include the following steps:

Pre-design phase
  • Receive design brief from client
  • Conduct site visit
  • Conduct research based on site visit results
design phase
  • Set design direction
  • Produce concept design
  • Get client approval
  • Develop complete design
implementation phase
  • Prepare contract documentation
  • Supervise implementation/construction
  • Complete project and handover